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17 October 2018TAS Chiltern Hills Area Study Day “The Art Of Armour”
23 November 2018TAS Chiltern Hills Area Study Day “The Art of Photography”

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TAS Chiltern Hills Area Study Day
“The Art Of Armour”
Dr. Tobias Capwell Wednesday 17 October 2018

Coffee from 10, starts at 10.30, ends at 1 with sandwich lunch

Session 1: Gods, Knights and Earthly Heroes: Armour as Art

Armour was one of the great Medieval and Renaissance art-forms, but today it is often overlooked by art historians, scholars and enthusiasts. In the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries almost all of the richest, most powerful men in Europe could be counted as dedicated patrons of the armourers art. This was an intensely personal art, both expressive and decorative. Its essence was the creation of a living sculpture, a process which demanded not only fantastic skill in the sculpting of iron and steel, but also mastery of all the decorative techniques available to contemporary metalworkers.

Session 2 Angels, Saints & the Immortal Soul: Armour in Art

Armoured warriors are everywhere in pre-modern art, more common than just about any other subject apart from the core Christian iconography. Designed to function as powerful artistic statements in life, armour also was an essential image in the work of diverse artists working in other media. Looking closely at the way that knights and men-at-arms are represented in art, what it stood for, and what it meant to people beyond its role as military technology, we explore how armour was a continual source of fascination for painters and sculptors, and how understanding this is essential to the appreciation of this art form.

Venue: the Hub, Easton Street, High Wycombe HP11 1NJ

Time: 10.30 am – 1 pm and lunch (Coffee available from 10 a.m.)

Cost:  £25 for Day 2 (includes refreshments & sandwich lunch) £31 for Days 1 and 3

Cheque made payable to The Arts Society Chiltern Hills


Lisa Green, 26, Brands Hill Avenue, High Wycombe HP13 5QA

Email: or phone 01494 521750

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