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01 May 2019Advance notice of TAS Chiltern Hills Study Days
02 October 2019TAS Chiltern Hills Study Day - Book Binding
21 October 2019TAS Chiltern Hills Study Day - Embroidery and Textiles
15 November 2019TAS Chiltern Hills Study Day - Art in the City of London

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Advance notice of TAS Chiltern Hills Study Days Wednesday 01 May 2019

TAS Chiltern Hills Study Days

Continuing with the theme of ‘Is this really Art?’  This ties in well with many of our members interest and the heritage work undertaken by your societies. Days and dates have been carefully selected to avoid your own society dates.

1.        The first study day is with the theme of Book Binding.

Dominic Riley will give lectures, demonstration and ‘an antiques road show’ of books.    Many of you will know Dominic Riley for an outstanding speaker and this promises to be a varied and interesting day for us all.  Put Wednesday 2nd October 2019 into the diaries.   

2.       Following this we have a study day at the Bucks County Museum, on Monday 21st October 2019 titled Embroidery and Textiles

Susan Kay Williams, the authority in her field, will give two lectures.   Will Phillips who is Curator of the Museum and responsible for all their textiles will describe the  collection held at Halton. A representative from the Buckinghamshire Embroiderer’s Guild will guide us through the Museum display.

3.       Finally, with the title of Art in the City of London,

Alexandra Epps will discuss the treasure to be found within the square mile, principally stained glass.  As well as being an excellent Art Society lecturer she leads City walks to the churches with these beautiful windows. The date for this special day is Friday 15th November.