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24 September 2018TAS Chiltern Hills Area Study Day “The Art of the Harp” CANCELLED
28 February 2017Amersham DFAS Special Interest Day : The History of Jewellery from Elizabeth 1 to Elizabeth Taylor

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TAS Chiltern Hills Area Study Day
“The Art of the Harp” CANCELLED
Sarah Deere-Jones Monday 24 September 2018


Coffee from 10.00, starts at 10.30, ends 3.30  Sandwich lunch provided

The study day will cover the history and development of the harp over millennia which Sarah will explore not only with reference to illustrations from a range of media but also with live performance on a range of instruments from her personal collection.

Session 1: The perils of using Iconography for research.

Since there are no surviving examples of Medieval harps left in England, research has to be based entirely on written references and the many examples of iconography available.

In this session we discuss the dangers of using this approach, with Sarah supplying examples of how medieval artists made mistakes and incorrect assumptions in their work which, with experience, it is possible to take into account when using such evidence to build up a historical picture.

 Session 2: ‘Harvesting the secrets revealed in Art

In this session Sarah reveals how Art shows us vital clues about how the harp was used and played in Medieval England, both in terms of posture and finger and hand technique, as well as symbolism, status and context.

Studying the harp in Art across seven centuries has enabled her to trace the instruments development both structurally, musically and socially, and placed alongside written evidence this information helps us to reveal secrets about the harp and its music that otherwise would remain hidden.

Venue: the Hub, Easton Street, High Wycombe HP11 1NJ

Time: 10.30 – 3.30 (Coffee available from 10 a.m.)

Cost: £31 each for days 1 and 3, £25 for Day 2 (includes refreshments & sandwich lunch on all three days)  Cheques made out to The Arts Society Chiltern Hills Area

Contact and application form: Lisa Green, 26, Brands Hill Avenue, High Wycombe HP13 5QA                         Email: or phone 01494 52175

APPLICATION FORM under ‘Documents’ on this website